Running Slacker

I haven't run for the last two days.  I shouldn't say that yet as I do have a planned run for today.  But I didn't drag my lazy, warm, and cozy self out of bed at 4:30 this morning to get in the 6 miles I wanted to do to make up for yesterday's miss.  When I opened my eyes when the alarm was going off, I had a horrible headache.  It was like a pain behind my eyes that has slowly moved to encompass my entire head. 

I went back to bed at that point.  When my alarm went off again an hour and a half later, my head felt even worse, but I got up and took care of the dogs.  It was cold out too, and there was a bit of ice on my car from overnight, which made me slightly MORE confident that I made the correct decision to skip running. 

Oh, wait, wait, wait, this just happened:
Not a great shot, but I have the shakes, so it got a little glare.  I was stressed and so I got my running gear on for lunch time.  I just ran until I was done running.  Well until I had to stop because it had been over an hour so I needed to be done.  7 miles.  9:30 average pace.  It just felt good.  It did not feel like I was really pushing, but it also didn't feel super easy, it just was a good pace.

I am pretty proud of myself.  7 miles is the longest I have ever run during the week! :)


  1. Great job, Em! I'm back in training now, first tri is in June. I started doing HIIT training yesterday and it felt so good! I'm sore today, and I love it:) I've *never* run 7 miles at a time yet, but I hope to get up to at least a 10k by the end of the summer, if not sooner.

    1. HIIT is ROUGH. Definitely keep it up though. It is the best cardio you can do for fat loss! That is definitely one of the big things that I have learned throughout potential competition prep over the last year!


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