New Sports Bras

As planned, yesterday I left work around 4 pm to head up to one of my favorite places (Buckeye!) to see Steve and Stephanie, get nuun for my half marathon hydration project and try on some new sports bras (moving comfort was 30% off!).  They say you should replace your sports bras once a year.  Yeah, I have not been so good about that in the past, but last spring I bought three moving comfort sports bras from another running shop, and loved them, so I figured that I should get a few additional ones out there to finally rid myself of the ones that I bought at Target 4 years ago (or more!)

The sale was a good time to go.  Steph and Steve were both there and I got to meet Dominik (Steph's little boy).  He is very sweet.  His babysitter was picking him up at the store so Steph could work for a few hours.  So she and I browsed through the sports bras for a few minutes and she showed me the ones that she likes, and told me that since I am small chested (not that she was insulting me, I am very open about it!) I should just select based on color and then I could try them on for feel.  So I picked out two bras (a black one and a pink one) and went into the back.  I put on the pink one first, which was definitely more more supportive of the two.  It had a hook just like a regular bra.
I walked back out into the store in the bra, I mean, we're all friends.  I told Steph how flat I felt.  She agreed and said that this particular bra really does kind of hold you in, which was a selling point for her, but she has a much larger chest than I!  But she checked all my straps and and me jump a little and we were in agreement that it fit pretty well.  So back to the fitting room I went to try on number 2.
So this bra actually makes it look like I might HAVE a chest, which is a rare occurrence for a gal like me!  It kind of pushed things up a little, which was great and I felt really good and confident in it.  The other tricky part about sports bras, I think, is the fact that they are supposed to be so tight, but you don't want it to be TOO tight or it will get pinchy and that's not a good look.

So I ended up with the second bra and I bought it in two colors.  The black, like above, and also an orange one! 

So I did not end up taking yesterday off completely, I found a strength training workout that I could do at home that was another circuit workout.  It was a lot of combination arm/leg moves to his both things at once.  And it was kind of tough! 

This morning was back to normal with three miles outside, but for about a mile and a half I did some fartleks to try it out! 


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