Marathon Training: Week 17 in Review

Wow.  17 weeks down, one week to go.  This morning the little countdown on my cell phone says "6".  How scary is that? Scary + exciting, all at once, I believe! 

I am now trained.  I have run 20 miles (+!) more than once.  I am comfortable with what I have done, I feel confident that I can run a course that is brand new to me and run it successfully.  I know where I am going on the "racetrack" at least in general, but it will be run backwards from the course that we ran a few weeks back.  But still, I feel like my familiarity with the course is decent enough that I will manage.
Here are the workouts of the week:
I covered close to 28 miles last week, which isn't too bad for the week before a marathon.  And it doesn't really feel like I overdid it or anything.  I just feel pretty good and ready to run next Sunday!

Today will be a short 2-3 mile run at lunch.  I am focusing on simply keeping my legs moving right now.  Keeping things loose and comfortable until I have the race next Sunday.

Any one out there have any week before the marathon tips for me?  I am very excited, but very nervous as I have never done this before!!!


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