Marathon Training: Week 16 in Review

Not sure, now that I only have 2 more weeks to write about, that this will be a recurring feature as I continue to train for Columbus once the Pig is over, but I have enjoyed recapping my training week by week for the blog since the beginning of the year!

Here is the week in review:
And yes, I crapped it up this week running wise, scoring only 25 miles, which just feels so light when I had been doing week after week of more than 30 miles!

However I did manage to get in 3 (!!) circuit/strength workouts this week, courtesy of the Tone it Up Girls.  They have a lot of great workouts on their website and I did three different ones to round out my week of training.

And oh, what is that I see?  A little bit of cross training?  Did I get myself on the elliptical for the first time in MONTHS last week.  Yes, I did, and it was just as boring as I remember it being, but I am still glad that I sucked it up and did it.  I felt like I needed to workout, but I did not feel like running was going to happen with the little bit of pain that I was in last week, so off to the gym I went.  Plus I feel good when I go to the gym at least once per week.  It keeps me from feeling guilty from spending money on a membership!

All right, so I am 16 weeks into this thing with only 2 more to go until the Flying Pig Marathon!


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