Marathon Training: Week 15 in Review

Well, I have less than three weeks until I will be hitting the starting line in downtown Cincinnati, preparing myself to run for 4+ hours.  And it will be easy easy easy training until then.  Week 15 (of 18) marks my final 20+ miler of the training period, and now I am running some lighter weekend routes until then.  It's weird, and I know it will feel weird, and possibly even have a mental effect on me.  I hear taper is hard on a lot of people. 

Here is the week in review:
I started out the week so strong with all of my strength training, and then my body gave up on me for a day.  I am not completely sure what happened, but I just could not drag my rear end out of my bed on Wednesday (or Thursday or Friday for that matter!  Those two days I ended up running at lunch!)

So our final 20 miler was on Saturday.  We actually ran it with about 4 other running groups, which definitely added to the fun.  They had bibs and water stops and everything.  I tried nuun for the first time - it was at 3 of the stops - and I really liked it!  I might be trying that again.  In fact, I have already made mental plans to go to Buckeye and buy some!

So Saturday.  Ugh.  It was pretty tough with all of the pig course.  Well, not all, but 75% of it.  Here are my splits:
So at miles 10 & 14 we stopped at water stations and I let the watch keep going.  After all, my chip will be running even when I stop during the pig.  Mile 4 was all uphill (and pretty close to my steady goal pace anyway.  Miles 17-19 we had made a conscious decision to slow down, just like in our first 20.  I actually was WALKING between 19.2-19.5.  Then I started running again and made up for some time.

So, Em, why were you walking?, you ask...  Mile 19.2.  We are headed toward the airport down Eastern Ave and can actually SEE the airport from where we are and we run over a few sets of railroad tracks.  And Jes caught her toe on one.  In an effort to avoid hitting her bad knees, she tried to roll and ended up in a potential worse position as she rolled over on to her head.  Steph and I both stopped and walked with her after helping her up and making sure that everything was ok.  And then Steph encouraged me to finish the course running since it is my last long one before the Pig.  So I listened. 

We ended up spending a chunk of the afternoon in the ER with Jes, but she came out just fine.  Bumps and bruises. 


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