Marathon Training: Week 14 in Review

It was not so long ago when I was saying "4 weeks down, 14 to go!" and now I am here in the opposite space!  We have less than 4 weeks to go until my very first marathon, and it will be here in the city I live in, the Flying Pig! 

Here is my week of slacker workouts:
Yeah.  No strength training.  No yoga.  It was a BAD week.  I got all of my running in, and I had some decent paces, but it was just a rough week.  35 miles total though, which is good for a personal best mileage wise.  Yes - I know some of you out there run 60 miles or more a week, and I just finished that Kara Goucher book and she is running 120 miles, but I am definitely still a newbie. 

This week it is my goal to BE BETTER.  That's it.  I just want to have strong days where I lift.  Good runs where I feel comfortable, and a good positive week before we start to taper.

My 16 this weekend stunk.  I want to address that here and now.  I mean, we had a killer pace and we finished the run strong, I just DID NOT feel like running.  I don't know what happened.  I felt good when I got to the shop on Saturday morning, I even felt pretty good our first mile or so...  But not too long in, I just kept waiting for us to be DONE.  Around miles 4 & 5, I think it became painfully obvious to those I was running with that I was ready. 

Steph, who is one of our groups coaches, told me around mile 7 that I better take some gu and try and get my energy back up.  I listened, and that helped for a while.  And even though our pace was quick for that distance, I still felt like I was just DRAGGING.

But it is accomplished and today I am moving on to a new week, a new personal best for weekly distance (go Em, go!), and the last long run before we start to taper off for the Pig.  I can't wait.  Less than 4 weeks to go!


  1. My BEST runs mentally usually follow super sucky ones. Hope this week feels better!


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