Marathon Training Week 13 in Review

Wow.  I have less than 5 weeks to go until the marathon.  I am beginning to feel nervous about it as well as comfortable that I can do it.  This weekend's run obviously had a lot to do with that! 

Here is the week of workouts:
You see that?  We got our first 20 miler of this training session in.  (We have one more to go!) It was my first 20 miler EVER.  So this weekend Lance Armstrong does a Half Ironman and I run 20 mile.  Seems appropriate, right?

Well, tell you what, he might have been disappointed with his 7th place finish, but I was in NO WAY disappointed with my 20 miler.  How could I be?  I haven't ever run that far, ever, and it made me feel like I am really ready to run a marathon.  Really and truly. 

Let's talk about that 20. 

We met at Buckeye at our usual 8 am time.  I think some folks were pretty intimidated by our schedule, because only the usual suspects showed up.  There were 6 of us.  We grabbed our turn by turn directions that Brett, our coach, put together and headed out.  Jes and I stuck with the boys initially.  They were planning on a 9min/mile pace, and we can do that for a while (as we proved during the heart mini).  We went out and did the first two miles at 8:35 and 8:47. 

After that, Jes and I realized this was NOT maintainable, and they started going even faster.  Luckily, Jes and I had the same goal in mind.  10 minute miles for all 20 miles.  So we slowed to about 9:30 and kept it there because that is a maintainable pace for us for a long-ish run.  We were not sure how it would treat us for 20, obviously, but we were going to give it a try.  We ran for 10 miles, then took the advice of our caoch to stop, just for a few minutes, gu, drink some water, and stretch a little.  Plus we looked at our upcoming route to make sure we knew where we were going! 

And back out we went. 

We covered the next 7 miles in what felt like no time, and I had Jes telling me that we ought to run our last three slowly.  Not super slowly or anything, but around a 10:20 pace.  That was the pace we ran our 5k at after our half marathon a few weeks back, and we both ended up feeling pretty fresh after that, so I knew she was right.  She kept scolding me when I would start to get a little faster (which I was grateful for... I will never regret a recovery pace, even if it feels slow at the time!) 

And then... we did it!
And I couldn't be more proud of myself.  My longest run, my highest mileage week.  :)


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