Last long run... Till the LONG one

This morning is our final "long run" training run before the Flying Pig.  I am pretty sure that I am going to be covering it solo for the most part, but I am honestly not really bothered by that.  I guess I have learned that about myself during this training process.  I CAN do long runs by myself, even when they stink really bad.  I guess it's good to know because I am not sure how the race will be next week.  I have a feeling Jes and I won't even start together based on corral placement.  I overestimated where I thought I would finish back in October when I was still in a boot, and I think I put something like 10:30-11 min/miles, which I have not run for ANY training runs so far, but can you blame me?  I truthfully had no clue at the time!

So now that I am 8 days out, I know that 10 min/miles is most likely going to be the SLOWEST that I go (and I hope that stays true!) so I might need to do a little weaving the first few miles.

The plan for group this morning originally was 13 miles.  Our theme for the day was a potluck.  I stopped and picked up my potluck item on the way in to the shop!
I just got my baker's dozen bagels with two tubs of cream cheese!  I figured Steve has been supplying us with bagels for the last 4 months, the least I could do was bring them in.  :-)

We ended up decided to shorten the run to an 8 mile loop.  The coach was tired and we all agreed that just 8 was fine.  We just cut our 13 mile route a little short.  I, naturally, couldn't keep up with the speedys that were averaging a faster than 8 min/mile, so I ended up going about a half mile further than them by not turning to head back at the same point.  So I ended up around 8.84 miles to their 8.29 miles. 

After arriving back at the store, Stephanie, Brett and I did a 10 minute ab workout.  It was rough!  I definitely plan on using this in the future because it was a tough one! 

When I got back home, I decided that I really ought to hit that 13 mile goal, and ran another 4.36 miles.  Over the 13.2 miles that I ran, I averaged a 9:06 pace.  Just one second per mile slower than I ran last week.  Awesome.  I think I am ready for next Sunday.

I got home and cooked some eggs and ate my lunch/breakfast.
This trader joe's hummus was on the side.  So so delicious.  I feel like I probably could have eaten the entire tub, but after a disastrous day on the food front yesterday, I stopped myself after the one serving that I dished out.

There is a girls night later tonight.  Looking forward to it!


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