Back to Strong

I made a switch today.  I have been sorely lacking in strength training, even when I am doing it three times a week.  It is just not to the level that I adjusted to doing when I was training for a competition.  Running has definitely made me strong, but strong in a completely different way, and I miss regular hardcore strength workouts.

So I had two miles on the schedule this morning and I chose to skip them, at least for now.  I think I will get them in quickly when I get home from work.  2 miles is pretty minimal, so they should definitely be doable after work and still fit in cooking for J and I as well as working on the cookie jar favors for Rachel's shower.

Weight wise, I did not go as heavy as I have in the past.  After all, I do still need to keep my running up, but I decided to use my full 45 minutes in the gym for strength instead of running for 20 and lifting for 10.  It felt great and reminded me about how much I love to lift and I love to feel strong.

So I did a lower body and core workouts.  The exercises I did with the weights are below:
The weights that are the same color were done as a superset/giant set.

Once the pig is over I plan on changing things up a little.  I am not going to run 6 days a week like I am now.  I plan on running 3-4 days including a weekend long run.  I am going to continue to run with my group, at least for the most part, and just try and enjoy running, even though I will continue to be training for the next marathon on the list.  This one should theoretically not be as difficult because I will have already run one, and it will be a nice flat course (i hope!)

I also plan to get back on to regular HARD strength training.  I miss my muscles.  I mean, they are definitely not all gone or anything, but they are not the same. 

I am thinking I want to write a post about the differences between my life training as a runner and my life training as a potential figure/bikini competitor.  They are vastly different, but kind of shockingly similar.  So look for that in the coming days. 

I also owe you the week 14 in review!


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