Back to Running, after the Strength PUSH

First things first, happy birthday to the first puppy in our household, Teek!  She is two years old today!
Speaking of Teek, she was my running buddy yesterday, helped me to get in my run when I really did not feel like running much.  It was definitely a little test as we had never run together before. 

I decided it would be a good day to try a run with Teek since I only had 2 miles on the schedule.  She tends to sprint all over our backyard, so I thought it might be an interesting run with her jumping out and going crazy fast to start and then wearing herself out. 

I was pleasantly surprised by her.  She stayed just behind me at a nice even pace for the entirety of our run!  I think it was a little because she did not know what was going on, since we had not run together before... ever, and she wanted to make sure to stick with it.  We held a nice steady pace for our two miles and then walked back to the house.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous because she wasn't sprinting ahead, so I stopped, had her sit, and pet her a little before we walked home, but she continued with a little spring in her step back to the house, had a big drink of water, and then was back to normal, fighting with her brother!

There you go, under 10 minute miles for both of us, and felt pretty good about getting them all in!

When I woke up this morning, my legs were feeling a bit sore, especially the hammies and inner thighs.  I put on my running stuff, stretched a bit and thought about what I wanted my goals to be for the morning.  I decided that I knew it was not going to be as fast as yesterday because of the DOMS, so I wanted to work on consistency.  Holding a consistent pace for a full 5 mile run.  I did pretty well with this, however if you look at my splits, it is interesting.  Start quick, slow in the middle, then speed up.  I did not realize this while running.  Splits are as follows:
Mile 1 - 9:20
Mile 2 - 9:33
Mile 3 - 9:39
Mile 4 - 9:22
Mile 5 - 9:15

Is that really weird or what?  Normally I get faster in the middle.  I also did my regular 5 mile route backwards in order to take advantage of the uphill of some steeper hills.  We've got 20 coming up this weekend on the Pig course, so I know it is going to be tough and fun!


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