Another 6 Miles

So yesterday at lunchtime I got outside for a 6 mile run.  It was what was on the schedule, so it was what I planned to cover.

Here is what happened on yesterday's 6.
Whoa.  Another speedy one!  I was definitely surprised to see myself going that fast and not feeling terrible.  Now, I am not saying it was easy, it was definitely pushing myself, but I used to push myself to get to 9:30 miles on 6 miles outside of a race!  So now to push for 8:45 miles?  Nice!

It makes me excited for post-Pig speed workouts.  I plan on doing track workouts for 1 workout per week.  I am pretty sure that I am actually going to follow the Hal Higdon plan this time, but maybe step it up a little.  I don't know though.  I was just checking the Hal plans, and you don't get speedwork/hill work until the advanced plans, so maybe I will just incorporate it in somehow.

I dunno...  I sort of feel like this plan is going to be a little bit more by feel than the first one, which I followed like crazy because I didn't want to mess up my first marathon.  But next time, I feel like I might be more comfortable following myself and trying to achieve ALL of my goals at one time, instead of being focused 6 days/week on running a marathong and nothing else.

What do you all think?  Can I find the fitness balance and still reach every goal I have for myself?  (Not to mention hold a job, have a life...)


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