6 miles - Pre Work

Another day, and another 6 miles checked off my schedule.  I woke up around 2:30 am and went to the bathroom.  And then I lay awake until 4:30, kind of tossing and turning (I apologize to my husband for that!) when I got up, 5 minutes before my alarm went off.  I dressed in my favorite pink shorts and purple tank (yep - pink and purple AGAIN!) and went downstairs for shoes and a pullover.  I am wearing my asics through the marathon I think.  I love love LOVE my sauconys, don't get me wrong, but their slightly less cushion combined with all of the running on bricks that I do (PS - Blue Ash and Montgomery - I understand this looks pretty, and it does!  But this is a RUNNING COMMUNITY!  We're the home of the local fleet feet and all of their training groups for goodness sake!) is killing my shins and calves.  I am going to spend post-marathon runs adjusting to them, I think.

So yeah, asics to marathon or bust! :-)

I had 6 miles on the schedule this morning, and my plan was to use it as a little test.  I wanted to see how I felt running 6 miles in the morning.  I think I have only done it one other time before today.  I mean, in the morning, I obviously have run 6 miles.  When the Pig is over and I try to keep up my running fitness as well as when I try and begin my training for Columbus, I want to run 3-4 days per week.  Maybe 5.  Because I know that once I start I won't want to stop.  But that means covering greater distances every day that I do run during the week to make up for the occasional 2-3 miles that I won't be running! 

Here are the results of this morning's 6 miler:
Success?  A 10K.  Certainly not a 10K PR time, but pretty average with what I have been running them in (the last time I ran one for real - in August!).  I am not counting Thanksgiving since it was my longest run post-injury at that time.  Plus Jes was still hurt.

I would say this was fairly close to a tempo run.  Which is good since it was supposed to be.  1 mile warm up, 4 miles tempo pace (10K tempo!) and 1 mile cool down.  Splits are as follows:
Mile 1 - 9:38
Mile 2 - 9:11
Mile 3 - 9:20 (boo...  too slow!)
Mile 4 - 9:09
Mile 5 - 9:10
Mile 6 - 9:29
Mile .20 - 9:03 (wanted to call it a 10K so ran this extra!)

I mean look at that.  3/4 of my tempo miles were exactly where they should be for a 10K.  So pleased.  Now to work on that for longer distances!


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