Working Toward some Goals

I have been thinking about strength training a lot recently.  I miss it.  A lot.  I just have not been having enough time to fit it in as much as I want with all of the running lately, and that makes me sad.  I know that running is not going to get the strong and lean body that I have wanted, but I also know that I like the fact that I am working toward a goal is keeping me on track in general.  I have been working out nonstop (even on my honeymoon) for well over a year, with no breaks.  I am not saying that I don't take rest days, because I do, but I am also saying that I have not had one of those weeks, where I just relax and let my body breathe a little. 

I honestly am not upset that I haven't done that, and I hope that I can keep it up.  I have nine weeks until the marathon, and I am glad that I am enjoying this process.  I know that having a goal to work toward is what is keeping me on track for sure. 

Its a balance thing for me right now.  By that, I mean that I am trying to find the right balance to make sure that I don't lose the strength that I spent a year gaining now that I am being a cardio freak.  I am trying to turn a lot of my shorter runs into sprint workouts, because that will help my speed and burn fat at once.  I need to work on my diet for sure, and that will get easier once I have my kitchen back, which will hopefully be next week.  Let's be honest, eating 2-3 meals out every single day (which is really what we are doing right now!) is tough.  I am sick of it. 

So that is the first step I have to work toward to get my body goals in check.  Get my kitchen back.  Once I have that, then I plan on busting out all of my cookbooks, and starting to meal plan again.  Even J is sick of eating out and I think it takes a lot for him to get there.  And we are.  So step one: better healthier food at home and only eating out once a week or something.

After that, I can figure out the next steps.

Another big one has to do with today's mistake.  Buying candy when I am hungry.  I know that I need to start increasing my calories of good, clean, healthy foods.  But not by using candy as fuel.  Oops.  I DEFINITELY consumed a bag of skittles (regular sized) and a roll of neccos after eating lunch.  I am mad at myself for that too.  Its not going to affect my weight, because I will run it all off tomorrow morning, but still...  Grrr...  and YES I am my own biggest critic, I realize that as well, and I should not be so hard on myself, blah blah blah, but I am going to be right now.  I have really let some things that were previously important to me slip away!

So if you read this, help keep me on track!


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