Whirlwind Trip Home

This weekend was a whirlwind trip to my hometown.  I left work around 2:30 pm on Friday because my sister has decided that she is getting married this summer, which has turned into June, which has turned into 4 months to plan a wedding.  And a "real" wedding no less... and by that I mean she wants to invite 150 people, etc.  But it is her wedding, and I got to have all of those things when J and I were wed this past summer, so I cannot say I really blame her for it.  It is just a lot of work coming up.  We took care of a few things this weekend though, so we are on our way. 

On Saturday morning I had scheduled a long run.  Just like every other Saturday, but this was going to be my longest solo run ever.  13 miles was on the agenda.  I had packed my ipod this time, which I have not had on a long run in quite some time.  But I am prepared.
Gu was this weekend's pre-run breakfast of champions, and I had another one with me in case of trouble later on.

 It was a tough 13 miles.  It was run at a local park that I really enjoy, but Toledo surprised me with more hills than I anticipated.  But it was a success. 

I came home, stretched out the legs, showered, grabbed my mom, and off we went to David's to meet my sister for her appointment.
 She's a knockout, right?  Lol.  She absolutely cracks me up.  This day turned into something that I did not really expect to be honest.  She did get her dress, she almost HAD to.  I mean, her wedding is in mid-June for goodness sakes.  So she got the one in her size right off the rack.

She wanted the trip to be super productive, especially since I came to town too, so we were on a mission to come up with bridesmaid stuff as well.  I brought over a few dresses that I liked, and tried one on.  Erika, the other bridesmaid that was present hated my pic.  So then she picked one she liked.  I was fine with it too, so that is what we ended up with.

Not in this color, but it is this dress.  Excuse the fact that I look horrible, but I had a rough run!  The actual color is a very dark purple.  I love it!  The funny part is that that is a VERY sexy dress for an outdoor/backyard/on a farm wedding, which is what they are having.

After our whirlwind of a shopping trip at David's, I went over to my dad's, we just hung out for a little while, and then ran some errands.  I took my first ever trip to menards (have you ever been there?  That place is pretty sweet!) because J wanted me to pick up a can of paint that matched one of my dad's walls, and that was where he got it.  Paint there was $6.77 per gallon, which is MUCH less than our Lowe's paint that we usually buy!  My dad said, yes, it will need two coats, and yes, it is not as durable, but we are using it to paint a hallway.  It will be perfect for that.

After our errands, Dad and I headed to my favroite Toledo sports bar, Jed's for some dinner and beers.  It was as delicious as I had hoped.

After dinner, we went back to his place, but only until I got a text from my mom telling me where she and my brother were.  Then my dad and I both got in our cars (this place was much closer to my mom's than my dad's so I figured we should both have our cars) to go and meet them.  They were also at a bar called Nick & Jimmy's and my dad and I both ordered beers and hung out with them while they finished their dinners.

I left my mom's early on Sunday to come home to a FINISHED KITCHEN and my husband and pups.  Apparently Zeus had an exhausting weekend, because when I was taking a shower, this happened:

Awe, poor sleepy Zeus.  Can you even see him?


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