Annual Goals = RUN A LOT

Well, it's another week of training coming up.  It's my "over the hump" week.  By that, I mean that is is the 10th week of an 18 week plan.  So I will be more than halfway through it.  Wow.  And once I get through this, I will have only one more marathon and one more half marathon to go for the year (well, I will also have the Bourbon Chase, I suppose).  It is hard to believe that I will be going through 2 half marathon as just part of my training process.  And now that I have run the 13 miler (on Saturday) under my belt, I am not even nervous about running a half marathon.  How sad and weird is that?

This year I will have two marathons, three half marathons, and one 200 mile relay race under my belt.  If that is not a year to be proud of, I don't know what is!  I tend to throw myself into things, if you hadn't noticed already yet.  Haha.  I definitely tend to get very very involved in whatever it is that I am doing at that moment and throw myself into it, 110%!  So that is what I am doing with running this year! 

I am feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed.  It is not like everything I do is working toward that goal.  When I was trying to get in the place where I was trying to get competition ready, I had my entire life surrounding that one goal.  There was one things on my mind that kept me in the game all the time.  Everything that I ate went toward it, every dumbbell I picked up went toward that goal.  And strange, but running a marathon does not seem to need that much focus, which I guess is why I keep adding more and more to my list!  It's not good because I am definitely going to wear myself out this year.  I guess I need to find that place of focus with my running.  I need to take care of my body in a way that will allow me to excel with this goal as well.

This morning, I covered my run in my new kicks.  I wore a brand new pair of Saucony Triumph 9s.  Turns out, I love them.  I mean, yes, it was only 2 miles, but those two felt really good.  So I won't wear them every day of course, I will alternate between my asics and these, so these have 5 miles on tap on Wednesday.  Haha.  I will have one more mile during the week this week, but I will come up with 2 less miles overall.  We have 10 scheduled on Saturday.  And then I have to decide if I am going to do a 5k on Sunday or not.  So basically I need to decide if I am going to Toledo or if I am staying here in Cincinnati with the pups while J goes to Toledo. 

There is a 5K on Sunday night that most of my friends are running.  My running friends, I mean.  So I need to decide if that is something that I want to do or not.  I do, and I want to hang out with my friends and not worry about Toledo, but I already text my dad to say that we were going to be there.  That makes me feel like I definitely need to be there with him since I said I would be there.

After this morning's short run, I dida lower body and core workout.  Not too heavy but not too light either, so I am pleased with how the week started.


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