Tuesday Morning

I really started my day off on a solid foot this morning.  I am really working hard to turn over a new leaf and get back to my healthy way of life that I was working hard for most of 2011 to establish.  Now that my kitchen is done (future entry coming!) I can get back to cooking and eating better, and that will help tremendously.

I was laying in bed before my alarm went off today and I was definitely making an effort to force myself to get up.  I kept saying to myself in my head before the alarm "you haven't ever regretted a run."  I know EVERYONE has seen a little postcard on pinterest that has said that (or never regretted a workout. One of those two!) And eventually I got myself out of bed. 

I had to put my tights on this morning, which felt weird after running in shorts and a tank so many days in a row.  It was a chilly morning.  I didn't wear my gloves, but I honestly SHOULD have.  Here is the run:
Negative splits for all 4 miles, by the way.  So I am quite pleased and proud of that.  I want to continue to get faster, but it is not going too fast.  Whoa.  That sounds funny.  By that, I guess I mean that my running buddy is definitely faster than me, and it kind of happened all of a sudden!  And yes, Jes, I am jealous.

After my run, I prepared a healthy breakfast for myself. 

It was super delicious and the greenest one that I have ever eaten.  I usually stick some berries in there too because the green smoothie scared me, but today I just went for it.  Protein powder, naner, and a ton of spinach.  2 huge handfuls (nearly filled up the blender) and just a few ice cubes along with 1 cup of water and blend away.  It turned out really yummy, and I am no longer scared of the green drink!

While I was drinking my smoothie, this happened:
Oh yes, both of them in my lap at the same time.  It got cold here and they already have summertime haircuts!

I hope you have a day filled with cuddles too!


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