To Toledo - Overnight Only

After my run on Saturday morning, I had to speed home for a shower, and head immediately back out the door for the baby shower of my friend Sara.  She got married the month before I did, and pretty much is having a honeymoon baby, due on April 25.  Haha.  I know that it was not exactly planned, but they are definitely making the best of it, and it is so weird to see her now.  Some of us were chatting at the shower about the fact that less than a year ago (last MAY!) we were all together for Sara's wedding shower.  And now a baby shower.  Maybe its a ploy for presents. *winks*

After the shower, I drove home and J was just finishing up getting ready to head out.  We had plans to go to Toledo for a birthday party on Sunday.  It was a surprise party, and J was VERY involved in the surprise, so we needed to head up there.  I got the pups packed up while he finished a work thing.
But mom, I DO NOT WANT TO GO IN MY CRATE!  And he really didn't.  He was digging in there until we got him settled into the car.  He usually relaxes within just a few minutes though, and he did once again, so that was good. 

We went right to my dad's new house when we arrived in Toledo.  He has been there a little bit over a month, and we figured it might be time to go and see it!  He also cooked dinner for us, and I threw together a salad while J watched the basketball game. 

Here is dad's new place:
It is neat.  The living area is all upstairs, and the downstairs like the HUGE garage, some storage and a laundry room.  It has 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths.  He is doing a lot of work to it, putting in new floors, painting, new countertops, etc.  Its really starting to look like him. 

And here is a view of the backyard:
His house backs up to a park, so its all woods back there.  So beautiful.  Its in a weird location, and by weird, I just mean I had no idea there was a neighborhood there.  But I am so glad he is finally settled some place.  He moved out of my mom's almost three years ago, so it is time for him to be settled, right?

After dinner, we just went to my mom's for more basketball, and we went to sleep.  I was up early as usual, with the dogs, and we left around 11 am to go to my dad's again (he was dog sitting!) and then to the birthday party. 

The biggest part of the surprise was that Jamie (birthday boy!) was turning forty, and his wife was buying him a very special gift.  She got Jamie a golf trip, and asked J if he would be the golf buddy for the trip and paid for the whole thing.  Not only are they going for a long weekend of golf, but they are going to pebble beach and playing ALL of the courses there!  J is ridiculously excited.  This is supposed to be his year of golf since it is my year of running, and so he sort of wanted to play there anyway.  It is even better now that he gets to play all of the courses and he gets to do it for free! He offered like 100 times to pay for things, but she would have none of it.

I received this picture while I was at the party.
My little mop of a dog is OUT.  Too much excitement for one weekend I guess.  Haha.  He's such a sweetie (and he needs a haircut.)

We came back to Cincinnati around 4 pm yesterday, arriving here about 7.  We had yet another dinner out (picked up calzones from a pizza place) and I was sick and upset about it yet again.

When I got to work this morning, I noticed that our Director of Customer Service was back from visiting our call center in the Phillipines.  And he brought me back a present (well, me and a few others).  I was VERY excited about it, and I plan on using it on my dinner tonight!
Jufran hot sauce.  Best hot sauce ever. :-)


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