Sunday - Rest Day

Is it bad that I want to run today after yesterdays very near half marathon?  I am not sure why I want to go again, but it is probably because I did a good job with recovery yesterday, I guess?  I spent a long time stretching out my legs, and I used my new roller thing that I bought at Buckeye running yesterday after my running group (I also bought a second pair of shoes, as I have been doing a lot of reading about running lately, so it seems that this is highly advised!)

Have you SEEN this thing?  AWESOME SAUCE.  I love it.  Steve (the owner of our new fave running shop) keeps one of these, a rumble roller, and a tiger tail out for people to test them out.  When we get back from our group runs on Saturday morning, we like to use all of them while we're stretching out (and taking off our shoes and doing other nasty runner stuff).  And this one?  It's my favorite.  I use it all the time when I am there, so I figured maybe if I had one at home, I could use it all evening and it would help me to feel better today!  And now I want to run!

And those are my new kicks!  I only ran around outside the store in them yesterday since my legs felt like death immediately following the run, but I am looking forward to taking them for a little spin tomorrow on my run!  I think I have 2 miles on the schedule for tomorrow.  And those first two will be with these shoes.  Nice.

So I am off to enjoy the rest of my rest day.  It involves cuddling with two fluffballs while watching the Gilmore Girls on TV.


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