Speedy Speederson

This morning just had a little 2 miler on the schedule.  I have my longest EVER this weekend though.  So I decided since it was a 20 minute (or less) run, I would do it on the treadmill, and then be able to lift afterward.  I had a little shoulder and back workout on the schedule.  So I was up at my normal time, despite the fact that we were out last night watching basketball at the bar.

I headed over to the gym, and decided I was going to do my two miles FAST.  Goal: 8 minute miles. 

And I did it.  I did my 2 miles in 15:59.  Woo hoo!  It was not too bad.  I will definitely have to keep working on that outside, because I am sure that it will be more difficult to do there than it was on the treadmill, but this was a really great step in the right direction.  Especially because with the exception of Jes and I, everyone on our running team runs 8 min/miles, even for lots of miles!

For me, at least right now, it is a step in the right direction of my sub-25 minute 5K.  That is definitely a goal for me this year.  It eluded me a little bit last summer, but I got pretty close to it back in June at the Redlegs race.  And then I got more interested in distance, so the 5k's kind of fell off the map.  I will get it this year though.

I am planning on starting to go to my running group's track workouts once J starts softball since they are on the same night.  That'll definitely help me with my speed!  I want to go now, and I am sure that J would eventually feel like that was ok, but for right now, I am trying to be with him when he is home.  So softball starts in two weeks.  So I will be going for the end of Pig training, and MOST of Columbus training, and by the time that J isn't playing softball because summer is over, I will be very familiar with track workouts so I can do them at MY track!

This morning's weights looked like this:
Not bad, not bad...

I got a gift at work this morning too.  Well, everyone did, but I ate mine already.
There is M&Ms in there...  well, there was. Now they are in my tummy!

Got finish up some work, then its basketball time!


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