A Quick Trip Home... AGAIN...

I have run about 9 miles since I last wrote an entry.  5 yesterday and 4 today.  I think I am starting to get what is going on with my legs.  By that I mean, they always feel beat when I first get going.  It is normal for it to take a little while for them to warm up and feel like they are moving.  I think it might be because I roll out of bed, use the restroom, and start running.  So yes, my legs are still asleep.  That definitely would make sense, right?

I did a little bit more than 5 and a little more than 4.  I ran until 50 minutes and 40 minutes.  I guess that is kind of the goal that I set for myself this week. It is what I did for my 4 mile run on Tuesday as well, except that I hit "stop" on my garmin one second late. :-)

So something CRAZY happened two days ago.  My sister text me to tell me that she is getting married in JUNE of THIS YEAR!  Please note, it is March 22.  She has been engaged for just under 1 month.  So while one month into the engagement, I completely understand setting a date (I did!) having that date be around 4 months away is the tough part.  And the kicker is that she doesn't actually have a date, that is just when she would like to be married.

Ever since this text, my life has been feeling like one giant blur of stress.  I have made arrangements to travel to Toledo for the weekend.  I will be doing a 13 mile run on Saturday morning SOLO.  I think Wildwood will be on the agenda, along with my ipod, that has not joined me for a run since December.  I will be trying on dresses at David's Bridal (not to mention watching my sister try them on!) following this run.  I will be joining my father for much beer & wing consumption following the dress trying on.

In other news, one of my coworkers took a friend vacation to Disney World (adults only), and came home with a present for me! 
A teeny tiny bottle of hot sauce.  Haha. 


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