My Half Marathon Souvenir

I discovered a little souvenir from the race on Sunday.  At least, I believe that is what it is from...

Oh yes, I just posted two pictures of my feet on my blog.  Hooray runnrs and their nasty feet.

Can you see it?  Its a little blister on my toe.  I popped it last night after I showed Jason (he definitely loves my grossness. I hope. :)  There was quite a lot of liquid in that tiny blister.  After it was out, it didn't hurt at all.  In fact, it didn't hurt before, but I figured it might get more liquid in it if I left it unpopped.  Might as well let it get healing.

We went and grabbed dinner together, talking about the kitchen and how it is progressing most of the meal.  Honestly, its not.  I mean, yes, it is progressing, it just feels like it has been going on for so long and we still don't have full kitchen access yet.  Although John (the guy who is doing the work) called me last night to tell me that we can start putting thing away in some of the cabinets, which was enough to help me feel better about the whole thing.  I started last night...  I got my cookbooks put away to where I think I want them, and started putting pots and pans away as well. 

This morning I was up early for a run.  4 miles, done and done.
I have been letting my legs run at the pace that they wanted to for the last two days.  It has been a little bit faster than I would have expected considering the race on Sunday.  But hey, I can't complain.  My legs are feeling good, and it feels like everything has loosened up since Sunday!


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