Money Money Money...

I am not a big discusser of money.  With anyone, including my husband.  Money is a topic that makes me exceptionally uncomfortable, and that might have to do with how I was raised.  I grew up in an upper middle class home.  My dad made a lot of money, and I never knew it.  Plus, my mom worked part time until we were all in school and then went back to full time.  Both of my parents had their own retirement plans at their jobs, my dad got hefty bonuses, and we had an in ground swimming pool in the backyard as a result of one of those bonuses. 

I had no clue that we had a lot of money.  My mom couponed, my folks budgeted, we never went on family vacations to Disney World or the Grand Canyon like some of my friends did.  We did not have a big TV or a video game console or starter jackets (remember those?  EVERYONE had one when I was in middle school).  We did not get big Christmas gifts, we got small things like books and movies and clothes.  I  just never though of us as being particularly wealthy! 

Anyway...  So money talk is tough for me.  It is extra difficult because I have 5 years of student loans, among other things, and so I have quite a lot of expenses for a girl who makes what I do.  But I have adjusted to it.  I make my life and my expenses work with what I have, and I always get by.  I am even back to the point where I have a credit card again, and I use that in the same manner as my debit card.  I pay off the whole thing every month, and therefore I earn lots of points for Marriott! 

J makes a lot more money than I do.  Nearly double.  He saves a lot, and spends when he wants to without hesitation.  He can golf and travel and not worry about it.  But he is thrifty as well, and talks himself out of things that he wants if he doesn't need them.  Golf for him is like running for me.  He is playing A LOT of golf this summer.  He has a financial advisor even, who has now become mine since we got married.  Now, I have zero interest in that.  I have my 401k, and I am happy with it.  I save for vacations (and someday, a bicycle!) and that is a lot more than MOST people my age do. 

I blog and use ebates and swagbucks and silly things like that for any little bit of extra cash that I might generate, and that gets to be fun money.  Especially the swagbucks, because I use that for amazon gift cards! 

The point is, having a financial advisor is hard for me.  I don't have a lot of money to be investing or anything like that.  And tonight, we have a meeting with him.  I am always embarrassed to even go, much less talk about my own money!  And it is really important to J. 

So I have my information together.  I am going, but I am really nervous about the whole thing!


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