Meals at Home? Kinda...

We did not hear from the guy who is supposed to be working on our kitchen at all yesterday.  Not one word.  So nothing happened all day.  Again.  I tried to remain calm about it, but by the end of the day, as I was driving home from work, I was crying.  I couldn't help it.  I am just so frustrated by everything right now, that the tears are just coming now.  I mean, more than once last night I had to start to cry, becase I just am feeling so overwhelmed with the process (and underwhelmed with the progress!) and I am at a loss for meals and everything.

I did manage to cook us a little bit of dinner last night at home.  Was it a good dinner?  Ummm, probably not.  But I made it at home.  And right now, that is really all that I can care about.  I am not sure if I can make it happen for a second night in a row, but I might be trying! 

Last night we just went with grilled cheese sammies.  I had some almonds on the side, and J ate some leftover bread from pizza the night before.  But eating at home was a prettybig step that I was pretty happy with!  I have a few thoughts for the evening, so hopefully I will be able to incorporate those into some kind of at home meal as well.  The most difficult part right now is the fact that the kitchen is 100% cut off from the rest of the house by gigantic plasic tarps. 

I was up at my usual 4:34 am for my run.  I had only three miles on the schedule, but since the rain stopped, I was DEFINITELY doing them outside.  I put on crops (hooray, no tights!) and headed out.  My garmin was a little wonky in the beginning, but after comparing it to previous runs, I think it got caught up with itself somehow!

This morning I tossed some oats and protein powder in a bowl figuring I could do some overnight oats with yogurt that we had in the office.  And I also have a jar of almond butter here (which is now just empty enough for oats in a jar!) so I dumped the remaining 2 tbsp on top of my oats for extra yummy.  Tomorrow I think I will use the jar!

So I am getting ready to eat lunch now.  I have had meals the last 24 hours that were made of random things that I was able to find.  Coming up is a sandwich, which I guess is better than buying something, right?  I am just making a turkey sandwich with supplies we have at the office, and I will toast it up on the foreman that we have in the kitchen here.  Right now, I have a better kitchen at work (which has no stove!) than I do at home.  How frustrating.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some good updates for ya'll regarding my kitchen. I don't hink I can handle another night of crying.  Crying is exhausting!


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