Marathon Training: Week 9 in Review

I am now officially halfway through my marathon training.  Hard to believe I have been working at this for 9 weeks, and I only have 9 weeks to go! 

This week was a trying week, timing wise.  Because we had all of the kitchen stuff going on, I have been in and out of my house all day all week, instead of having the schedule that I am used to having.  Its kind of been a weird week where I have gotten in to work late and left work early almost every single day last week.  Its not that I have not gotten my work done.  I got the VPN set up on my home computer, that way I was able to continue working most of the time, I might have even gotten more hours last week than I have in a really long time!

But I did my best to make the week work and get everything in that I needed to.  Here is the layout of the week's work.

It was a 30 mile week last week.  That's the highest running mileage I have ever had.  If I have a higher week on daily mile, it is simply because I recorded my crosstraining.  In 2012 I stopped doing that and I only record running now. 

So yes, I do show three day of strength training on there, but it is not the same caliber of strength training that I am used to doing for sure.  I am glad I got in any at all, to be honest.  I had to get some in though in order to feel good about my week despite all of the running, I still think strength training is so important to me and to how I feel about myself, etc.

So this week, I hope that we can get the food stuff in order.


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