Marathon Training: Week 11 in review

11 weeks in, only 7 more to go until the Flying Pig Marathon!

This is my highest mileage week so far in training with 32 miles on the books.  Here is the week's training rundown!

Three full days of strength training, 2 days of yoga, and 6 days of running, totaling 32 + miles. 

I had a few days of struggling for sure.  Some tough runs this week.  Today was obviously no different.  Although the 5K we ran as a shakeout run, felt awesome.  I have learned why a shakeout might be necessary.  It felt so good to keep my legs moving, but not worrying about our paces at all.  Who knew?

We definitely kicked up our pace big time when we were running the half.  Jes had a 2 hour goal, which made me feel a little bit nervous with the hills as well as it being my first half ever.  But we kicked it up and were very very close to succeeding.  I am looking forward to my next half where it will be very nice and flat in Toledo.


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