Marathon Training: Week 10 in Review

It's tough to believe that I am now more than 10 weeks into this, and I have less than 8 weeks remaining before I have to cover 26.2 miles in one morning.  I am nervous and excited all at once.  But as of right now, still more excited than nervous. 

Overall, I had another pretty good week of training.  There were a few days in there where my legs really took a while to get moving.  For me, those are definitely the most difficult days.  Tuesday, as I mentioned at the time, was extra tough since I was feeling so horrid in the morning.  I forced myself to get out there though, and that ended up working out.  It actually ended up being at a pretty good pace as well, which makes me even more pleased!

Wednesday was my first 5-miler (during the week).  I think I was maybe tired from being sick on Tuesday or something, because I started out really slowly.  I ended up being able to get my rear in gear though and finish in less than 10 minute/miles, which has really been my only goal throughout this whole process. 

Here is the breakdown of this week's workouts:
Three days of strength training with 2 days of yoga?  I am very pleased with last week.  Mileage was less because of a lower weekend run, but I am still right on schedule.  I almost ran yesterday, because my friends were doing a 5K, but I rested like a good girl.  Because of the 5 miler on Wednesday, I ended up lifting on Thursday, but that was fine. 

I am down to less than 8 weeks left until the Flying Pig.  It is hard to believe how quickly time has gone by, and I am sure that it will be speedy the rest of the way through as well.  My boss's wife is running as well, and she had 16 over the weekend, which was her furthest this training cycle.  She has done this race before though.  She is also training with another running group, the BIG one around here.  Whereas I am training with a much smaller, much newer group that has only just begun to establish themselves.  This is the second marathon that they have trained for (their first being Columbus last fall) so it is a little bit like getting in on the ground floor!  Several members of the gang will be doing Chicago in the fall, but I am doing Columbus (about4 weeks later) so I will train with them in general, and then kick it up alone at the end for one final 20 miler and then a few more relaxed runs.


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