A Little Range Action

After work last night I spent a little bit of time with my puppies before J got home.  I was tired, but looking forward to a night with J.  We were back to eating dinner out because John was there working in the kitchen yesterday.  I had suggested Tap House Grill early in the day, so we were kind of set on it already!

When J got home, he mentioned hitting the range first, prior to dinner.  With it being my year of running, he wants it to be the year of golf, so he is actually playing at Pebble Beach this year with a friend of his, plus his regular golf trips to Kansas City and he is playing in a league.  So for Pebble Beach especially, range time is needed.

Here is J at the range, working on his goals!
This trip I just hung out.  Next time I will probably take a chunk of his bucket.  But it has been a ridiculously long time since I have swung a club, so I figured this trip was for him.  He tried out this new driver that he is thinking he might want (J got a LARGE bonus this year, and we had made the decision that we both got to spend some of the bonus on ourselves and the rest of them were for home projects (the kitchen, mainly!) I got myself a new pair of tights, a pullover and compression sleeves for my calves with my bonus for me.  He is getting new clubs (and his bonus was a lot more than mine!)

We went to taphouse after that and both ate chicken sammies with sweet potato fries.  The sweet potato fries there come with this pumpkin sauce that is absolutely amazing.  I LOVE it.  So if there are ANY readers in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend the food (especially the sweet potato fries!) as well as the beer selection at the Tap House Grill in Montgomery.

This morning I woke up (tired as always) and covered the three miles that were on my schedule.  I ran them outside and tried to run a little bit of intervals.  I just counted in my head and sped up and slowed down on my own random intervals.  Here is how it went:
Eh...  Not too fast.  I am a little disappointed with my time, but with such randomness, I guess it just is what it is.  I do want to PR a 5K this year (and not on a treadmill!) so I do need to work on my speed, but I am trying not to have too many focuses at once. 

When I got home from my run, I lifted a little upper body.  Bis and tris, mainly.  Here was my workout:
Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday and is looking forward to basketball!


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