A Lil Update - a few days worth...

Another day, another 4 miles checked off my training plan.  I love it.  I almost wish that I had some kind of checklist on the fridge or a paper calendar so I could "x" off all of my runs.  I guess I have my google calendar which I could print, but I don't! 

Anyway, this morning's 4 miles were scheduled to be a tempo run, but I decided to treat them as speedwork.  So here was my 4 mile plan:

0.00-0.25          6.5 mph
0.26-0.75          7.5 mph
0.76-1.00          6.5 mph
1.01-1.50          7.5 mph
1.51-1.75          6.5 mph
1.76-2.25          7.5 mph
2.26-2.50          6.5 mph
2.51-3.00          7.5 mph
3.01-3.25          6.5 mph
3.26-3.75          7.5 mph
3.76-4.00          6.5 mph

And that will take you just under 34 minutes.  I did it in 33:56. I was super pleased with my pace, and even was feeling really good afterward.  That is really all that I can ask for in a case like this.  The 4-5 mile runs are the ones that I feel best about these days. 

I am not sure what it is, but I just feel worn.  Obviously, it could be all of the training and the 6 days/week of running, but I think that they decided to do that on purpose with the schedule since there are a few people on our team/in our group are trying a run streak.  It started on Jan 1 and is still going as of right now.  I am impressed with them.  I have done 7 days in a row, yes, but only once, and I was glad when that was over.  Haha. 

I have now moved on.  It's Friday morning, sorry for not finishing this entry yesterday, but today was another run.  I managed to get in some strength training yesterday (back & shoulders) and even got in a few exercises today post-run for biceps/triceps.  I might try and do a few more things when I get home tonight to round out my day and call it a full three days of strength training (which is my goal, if you remember!) and be pleased with myself.

I am currently at 18 miles for the week, with another 10 on tap for tomorrow.  I am looking forward to tomorrow's 10-miler because I have my fingers crossed that it will seem easy after last week's 13.  It should, right?

So, for a quick update on my kitchen situation?  I have no updates to report.  *sigh* I am ridiculously frustrated with the whole damn thing.  It'll be at least next Wednesday before its done.  It stinks.

Today's lunch:

This is my attempt to eat not another meal out.  Yesterday I went to Whole Foods for the"brown box special" which was yummy, but there was still cost involved.  This was stuff from the community fridge at work, and my fridge at home.  Almond butter topping a microwaved sweet potato, and turkey slices for lots o protein.  It tastes darn good.  Better than I remember a sweet potato could taste.  Haha.  And hopefully it will help provide fuel for tomorrow!


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