Heart Mini Half Marathon - Race Recap

Yesterday was the Heart Mini Marathon.  I had originally planned to run the Mini (a 15K) but was later convinced to run the half marathon AND the 5K to get my mileage in for the weekend, not to mention run my first ever half marathon. 

So I was excited about it, but at the same time, a little... ehhh...  Just because it was a training run.  It wasn't the thing that I have been working toward and praying for since the beginning of the year.  That is the marathon.  So this is just a step along the way.  So I am a little sad because originally a half marathon was my big goal. 

Ahh, well...  I still have big goals.  They are just different and BIGGER.

Jes and Andrew came and picked me up around 6:45 am, for a non-corralled race start at 7:45 am.  We were downtown and parked by about 7 thanks to Jes's trusty parking garage pass.  She works for a company downtown, but actually works in a suburb office.  But she still has access to the employee garage, which works out AWESOME because it was pretty much right where all of the action was!

Andrew was not running, but he came to be our photographer for the race.  We had various timing devices with us because Jes is working on an emerging technologies final project (she is working on her MBA) and has decided to do GPS for runners for the project!  So Andrew was going to take pictures of us to go along with the project.

We started our morning hanging out in Fountain Square half stretching and half looking for our friend Chris who runs in our Saturday morning group.  Apparently (this was something I was previously unaware of!) we were shooting for a 2 hour Half, and Chris was going to be pacing us.  To be honest, that made me excited but nervous.  This was my first half, and only Jes's second.  Her first she did closer to 2:45 because the friend she ran with got sick and had to stop at every port-o-let on the course.

We waited in line for the bathrooms before and then headed to the start, we were pretty far back, but worked up manuvering our way closer to the 2 hour pace group. We thought hanging with them would be helpful!  We did not get that far up before the gun (more like a CANNON!) went off.

Cincinnati is hilly in general.  Anyone who is training for the Pig SHOULD be thinking about this for their training.  And rumor has it, this thirteen mile course has more hills than the first 13 miles of the Pig.  The course starts out route 50.  This is a combined course with the 15k so we went out a little over 4 miles before turning around.  50 is all rolling hills.  There was a small jog up a road (Torrance for any Cincinnatians) which was straight uphill.  And then we turned around and came back down (had to be careful not to fall!) and then back toward downtown on 50.  We finally split around 8.5 miles.

And that was where Andrew found us!

We look much better than we feel at this point, however, we were still doing pretty well as of now.  We looped around through the city a little more passing over the chip sync at the 15K mark.
Do lots of longer distances have this?  They had one at the 5K, 10K, 15K and of course the finish line, so then when our official times posted it had all of that!  Andrew found Chris too!
And then us again (this is around mile 10.)

I think Chris is trying to jump here.  Lol.  Yeah, we were feeling the hills.

Right around here there was a group from Fleet Feet handing out honey stingers.  Jes and I both took one after Jes asked them if they were caffiene free.  They told her yes.  They were the chocolate ones.  I have never tried them before, and let me be honest...  I never will again.  YES they DO have caffiene in them (fine for me, not for Jes).  They are also not as thick as gu.  And chocolate?  Blarg.  They went down easier than gu, I admit that.  But they also started to slime back up.  They didn't, but it felt like they might.

We crossed over the purple people bridge and ran in KY for a little while.  On our way back to Ohio (around mile 11.5-12) Andrew found all three of us again.
There was also a pic of Andrew's shoe thrown into the mix around here.  haha.

You can tell in these three pictures as we are nearing the finish how much I was struggling.  Jes was powering through because we were SO CLOSE to our goal.  I was trying.  Hard.  To keep up with her.  I wound up finishing just one second behind.
All 3 of us, after we caught our breath.
The GPS devices used for the project.
My garmin showing my time.  You can see from the pace how hard I was pushing at the end!

My actual time was 2 seconds less than this by chip.  I am sure that has to do with the placement of pushing start/stop.  You'll have that.

I am ridiculous proud of myself and am infinitely more confident in my Pig abilities, because I am NOT going to be pushing this hard for the Pig.  The goal for that is just to finish.

PS - we ran the 5K after this.  It felt pretty awesome.  We just ran it to run.  Not to worry about time or anything, basically to shake out our legs.  Now I realize how great that feels!


  1. I am loving following your blog! Congrats on the half! What a great feeling of accomplishment* http://walshfit.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks very much! I will definitely check yours out as well!


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