A few homemade meals - YES!!!

A nice 5-miler this morning.  It felt bad when I was out there, my legs were feeling tired.  Not sure why they were feeling so tired and heavy, but they were.  I forced myself out there anyway, and tried to keep my pace to under 10 min/miles.  I succeeded for all 5 miles, but only by a few seconds per mile.  Here is the official timekeeper:
Not very bright, but it shows you my time and distance.  I was really trying to kick it up at the end, hence the 7:05 pace for that last 0.01 miles. 

I had more oats for breakfast.  In my jar like I talked about yesterday.  I forgot about them in the fridge at the office until almost 10 am, so they were nice and creamy and delicious.  It felt really good to eat them, like I was doing good things for my body, again today!

At lunchtime (right now) I went into the kitchen and opened up the company fridge.  I was planning on eating a sandwich just like yesterday.  But instead, I was greeted with a giant tub of greens!  After confirming with Mo that it was company food, I decided to go with salad for lunch.  Basically the same as the sandwich that I was going to eat (lunchmeat, cheese) but on a salad instead of bread! 
It is piled high with tons o greens but they are all covered up with the lunchmeat (chicken breast!) and colby jack cheese.

In the company fridge I also found some dressing that I thought would work.
I figure this must just be leftover from some company meeting where they ordered lunch.  I think that is the kind they have at larosas, which they had yesterday! 

I have plans to lift at home when I get there tonight, and I think J and I are headed out for dinner.  John is back to work in the kitchen as of this morning! (FINALLY)


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