FedEx Delivers

Look what came in the mail yesterday! 
My hydration belt!  I just ordered it on Wednesday and it was already here on Thursday!  And yes, I am wearing my Bearcats gear and YES I am sad that they did not win last night.


I will be testing it out I think on my long (solo!) run tomorrow.  There is a drinking fountain at the park that I have selected for my long run, but I figure its a good time to give it a go, before it is actually so sweltering hot that I desperately need it.  I'll let you know afterward what I think of it.  It wil be heavier on my waist than my little spibelt, which is what I wore last weekend for the half.

I also picked up the dogs last night from the groomer.

And he fell asleep after an exciting day filled with baths, nail clipping, and haircuts.  Teek got one too, but she is a little more used to it.  When they have been groomed, it is easier to see the poodle in them both.  They look much more alike, and you can see their bodies built so similarly.  They are both pretty little guys. :-)

Oh!  And guess what!? When I come back here fromToledo my kitchen will finally be done and I cannot wait!


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