A Saturday Update? What?

Well well well...  A Saturday and I am updating?  What?  I am doing this because we are all done in the kitchen.  All of the cabinets are emptied out.  We have touched up some of the paint.  We're ready for them to come in and fix everything next week so I can have my kitchen back.  I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that.  I am so exhausted about going out to eat all the time, etc.  I just want to be able to cook in my kitchen and enjoy it. 

Soon, soon, soon.  I just need to keep remembering that. 

I am glad we're having it done though.  I am so happy about that.  I really am.  And once it is done, then I will be able to really focus on my cooking.  I can control what J and I are eating and we can really begin to work hard on eating good, healthy foods. I had made some really good progress on that. 

I will do my marathon update tomorrow, I hope.  It is tough to believe that I am 8 weeks into this training program, and the marathon is 10 weeks from tomorrow!  It is also hard to believe that today was my very first double digit run ever.  I have been running for just right around a year, consistently.  I would have hit double digits before today if I had not gotten hurt in the fall.  And then I would have done one a few weeks back if there was not the situation with Jes and the cow allergy. 

Today was one where I got nervous that we would not make it.  Jes fell last Sunday and banged the hell out of her knee.  So having a banged up knee, and then putting her knee braces on top of that.  The braces rubbed against the bruises, and she was in rough shape again.  So that plus the fact that she was a little bit hungover made getting to the 10 miles tough. 

She was a little slow, because she adjusted her stride for her knee.  And then adjusting the stride made her foot and hip hurt a little bit.  So we ran the 10 a little slower than I would have liked, and I was struggling as well.  Not struggling because I was hurting or anything like that.  I felt good.  The reason I was struggling was more mental.  I was struggling between sticking with my friend and getting a good training run in.  I ended up somewhere between the two.


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