The Paris Wife - in review

Our February book club selection for Julie's book club was The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain.

Honestly, I was procrastinating a little bit on this book.  I started reading it almost right away, but unfortunately I got sidetracked by our audit at work, and got so wrapped up in my work every day that I wanted to do NOTHING that even MIGHT be considered productive even though I really love to read and that is a big hobby for me.  But I managed to pull it off and finish the book in time even (although it was the 28th around 6 pm!)

Below is my review, and there will potentially be some spoilers, so if you have not read it, or have not finished it, stop here!

This book was, in its way, a book about books.  And as a book freak with dreams of floor to ceiling bookshelves in her house, I loved that part of it.  The story focused on Hadley, the first wife of the American novelist, Ernest Hemingway.  The book chronicled their fated meeting and courtship which was filled with letters of hopes and dreams.  I felt the courtship was exactly what I would anticipate the courtship of a novelist in the Jazz Age would be. 

Hadley is 28 at the time that she meets Ernest.  And in the 1920s, that was old maid age, and as a single lady, she had all but given up hope on love and finding the man who will make her life complete.

She and Ernest are deeply in love, chose to get married and they move to Paris to help Ernest discover his voice as a writer, novelist, poet, and being with his brand new wife in a new place.  They meet all kinds of authors of the time including Ezra Pound (who I am familiar with only because of a college literature class that I took) and Gretrude Stein.  The world of writers in Paris in the 1920s was very relaxed and the morals were rather loose.

The majority of the book is surrounding the Hemingway's and their friends that actually becomes the novel And the Sun Also Rises by Hemingway.

Once I had time and felt good about finishing this book, I truly flew through it.  I really enjoyed the book.  The story was one great point and the fact that it really inspired my book list to grow was another.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books and/or period pieces.  If you like both, you are IN!


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