My poor Zeus-er

My little pumpkin is being neutered today. 
Awe, this poor little guy is going to be so sick and tired when he gets home tonight.  He was clearly super peeved at me this morning.  I didn't want to deprive Teek by putting her water away, and Zeus was not allowed to have any.  I was holding him all morning, and he was a wiggle worm trying to get out of my arms and get to the food & water bowls.  I was holding him to prevent that! 

He'll be ok, right?  :(

Last night I had plans with Corey for dinner.  Like I said, I had not seen her in forever.  Seriously, it had been since BEFORE my wedding!  That just seems ridiculous.  I still don't know why they didn't come, and I am still sad that they didn't come, but whatever.  Its done, right?  We ate at the Rusty Bucket for dinner, a place that she and I have met at for beers many many times.

Its one of my favorite go to kind of places.  It is not too close to where J and I live now, so we don't go there as often as we did before we moved to Blue Ash, but it is pretty similar to some of our other favorite places.  I ate a burger and drank two beers and loved every bit of it. :) Corey asked me to work on costumes for the show that she is directing, and that's exciting.  It will be my re-entry into the theater world!  I am excited and nervous all at once.

This morning I got up to knock out another 4 miles.  The schedule said easy run, so I didn't even look at my garmin, I just listened for the beeps.  I hit "stop" after the 4th beep and as I was wrapping up my run.

10:24 avg pace.  It felt good and really felt like shaking my legs out a little, which was needed after all of the runs of the week!  Tomorrow is our weekly long group run.  I am looking forward to it!  We have 6 miles on the schedule.  It will put me at 22 total for the week.  My most in a week in a really long time!

I went and got my strength training in at lunch time today.  I did some biceps, triceps, chest, and abs.  Not the best split I have ever come up with, but it worked, especially because those are parts (other than abs!) that don't need as much work!  Here is my work:
I am really glad that I managed to get in three days of strength training this week, instead of only the 2 that I had been getting!  I hope I can keep this up!

Happy Friday everyone, and have a great night!


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