My Lenten Challenge

Not sure if I mentioned this before...  But my body is getting to an interesting place, kinda far from where it was last summer.  Yes, there are a ton of factors that go into this.  Things like the fact that I am not competing any more.  The fact that I probably won't compete... ever.  The fact that my focus has changed from muscle building to marathon running (and let's be honest, that pretty much puts me on two completely opposite diets).  I would say all of these things have added a little bit of "looseness" to my middle.  Now, the scale has not budged (other than the normal +/-2 lbs) since November, so it is just a change of body composition, I guess, but it is not one that I am a fan of in ANY way.

I was really working toward a very lean physique during my comp prep time, and although my diet was pretty lame, I was enjoying it overall.  I was working toward a look that I was craving.

So now that my life is on a new track, I am going to be working toward leaning out while being an endurance athlete, which is different than before obviously.  But I think I am going to keep my diet similar to where it was before, but make changes that I have talked about doing and done a ton of research on, but just have not made happen yet. 

I am for Lent (as a starter, we'll see how it goes) going to be eating a Paleo/primal diet.  I say primal because I am not sure that I can completely give up dairy yet.  We'll see how it goes.  I am doing Lent because that will be 40 days total, or slightly more if I can keep it up on Sundays (which for some strange reason are free days? - Seriously - start tomorrow and count the days till Easter.  More than 40. Cut out Sundays and you are down to 40!)

Even though today is Fat Tuesday, and I should definitely be indulging in some cake, etc., I am starting the plan today.  I was feeling excited to get on board, so now I am at it!

Today I had 4 miles on the schedule.  It was set to be a tempo run, so I decided to run intervals for the full 4 miles.  I am using these tempo runs to work on my speed. :)  Here were my intervals.
I finished the running in 35:24.  Fast for me.  And then I just walked till 40 minutes (as it says) to cool down a bit, and get my heart rate back to where it should be.  Stretch and I was outta there!

Tonight I am trying out a new class at the gym with Leah.  One many many folks are familiar with, but something I have never done.  I will fill you in tomorrow!


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