Marathon Training: Week 6 in Review

I am way behind in writing lately.  I am flustered about it for sure, and I have a lot of work to do to get caught up, I think.  I am mad because writing here is very important to me, and I have completely been crapping out on it.

It's the time of year.  Our audit started this week, and I have been doing nothing but working on things related to the audit.  It is stressful and frustrating.

Anyway - week 6 of marathon training. 

Because I was in Toledo for the weekend to celebrate my sweetie's birthday with my family, I did not get a chance to run with my running group on Saturday morning. It was a bummer, but I talked to my JEM pace partner, and we decided to meet on Sunday afternoon to get the run in together.  We had 10 miles on the schedule.  The first double digit run for both of us post injuries. 
After running our first 4 miles quickly (we were at well under 9 min/miles for the first 4) we had to stop at a light to cross a street.  When we stopped we both immediately started to feel sick.  I think for me it was the going so fast with a sudden stop jostled my stomach.  Once we got running again I started to feel better almost right away and continued to until I felt back to normal around mile 5.  Jes simply did not start to feel better. 

We kept going until a little over 6 miles and she had to stop to use the restroom.  We ran into a BW3 so she could go, and while she was in there, I gu'd to get ready for the final 4.  She felt better when she came out and we got going.  A half mile later, Jes said that there was no way she was going to make it.  We agreed that she would go to a nearby bar (the bar where we planned on having our boys meet us post long run to celebrate) and I would head back to our cars and then come and get her. 

So I kept running.  Even though I still felt good when I got back to the running shop, I did not keep going, I just went and got my friend.  So I ended up at 9 instead of 10.  I was SUPER bummed about it (as you can tell from my "disappointed in me" post on daily mile), but at the same time, friends are more important, right? 

So here is the final weekly breakdown:

Three days of strength training, 2 days of yoga, and 6 days of running.  I am pretty pleased despite being short one mile.  That WILL NOT happen this week!  Plus there were a few speedy days in there from interval work that I did on the treadmill!


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