J's Toledo Birthday!

As I mentioned before, we were in Toledo over the weekend (J, the pups, and I) to get together with my mom for the first time since Christmas and also to celebrate J's birthday with my family.  He got to see what a traditional H family birthday is like, and how we have done birthdays for my whole life!

J made his own dinner selections which I communicated to my mom before we left for Toledo.  J figured that it would be less expensive than all of us going out.  He wanted ribs and tailgate sammies.  My mom agreed to the sammies immediately (she even already had all of the ingredients at home!) and said if ribs were on sale, we were on.  They were, so my mom bought two racks for the family to enjoy.

I was in charge of side dishes.  I started in the early afternoon on cake. 
You obviously cannot tell from the picture, but it is red velvet (just like we had at our wedding!)  Yes, it is made from a box mix, but it was quite tasty.  Tasty enough that I had a piece for breakfast the next morning.  :)  Yes, I know I typically at least try to have BOTH carbs and protein at breakfast, but I was lazy and not feeling eggs on Sunday morning. 

I also enjoyed a glass of red in a snowman glass for the year's biggest snow in Toledo (they got about 4 inches last Friday night!)

And I did the veggies!  Asparagus and twice baked potatoes.

And yes, they were quite yummy!
While I was cooking, I was wandering trying to just get some pictures to remember the weekend.  I am terrible at trying to remember my camera, so I wanted to get some pictures taken while I was actually thinking about it! 
my buddy - fresh from getting neutered.

i spy a "westside?"
And then we ate.  All of the food was good, however I learned that I am not a big fan of ribs.  They were just a little gristle-y.  Grandma Kate said thatit was just my little section and the rest were very good.  I hope she was right, otherwise, I am disappointed in ribs in general.  And that would stink!  (Yes, I have truly NEVER eaten ribs before).
After the food, it was time for BIRTHDAY!  We sang happy birthday to J while his candle was lit on his cake.
And then he got to open his bday gift from my mommy.

Eastbound and Down seasons 1 & 2 on blu-ray!  Awesome.

We're into his birthday week here now.  Today is "4" (we started on Monday and his real birthday is coming up on Sunday, so Sunday will be "7"!


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