How does one find the time?

To have a life?  Somehow I feel like I have three jobs.  And while they are all pretty fun jobs, they do take their toll on my life in general.  I don't sleep enough, I eat at weird times, etc, and I would say that has to do with these jobs.

Job 1: my real job (obviously)
Job 2: my home life (dogs + J)
Job 3: marathon/fitness

I include fitness in general with the marathon because I am not really working out any more than I was when I was trying to prep for the competition.  So I will probably try and keep up with this level even after the marathon is over!  I feel good about the amount of exercise I am getting right now! 

So yes, there is somethingrelated that I want to write about to the above before I get into more detail about my "jobs".  Marathon training.  And the fact that I am LOVING it so far.  I mean, yes, I am only just venturing into double digit running days, and the weather has been pretty cooperative and that certainly does not hurt.  But I am really enjoying how sweaty I get, how great I feel afterward, and the exhaustion that sets in post-long run.  And so I have decided that I am most likely doing a fall marathon as well as the Pig in May.  Most likely it will be Columbus in mid-October.  My other runner friends are running Chicago, but that is the weekend after the Bourbon Chase (which I am also doing) so that just did not seem like a good idea.

But any way, between these three things, I often feel like I have zero extra time.  If there is a night when I am home in the evening, I like to stay home because that is my second job.  Being with my husband and dogs.  So where do you fit in a social life?  Heck, even if I didn't have job number 2 it might be tough to fit that in because job number 3 has me waking up at 430 am every day, which means I need to be in bed early! 

Its a tough thing.  I am not sure yet how to make time in my life to fit in people when it does not involve J.  Does that make sense?  I am realizing how important it is to spend time with my husband.  I am hearing this more and more from married couples.  Have one thing, that's your own (running for me!) and do other stuff with him.  So I am trying to figure out how that all works.

This is becoming increasingly important because I was asked to do a show this summer as well.  That would involve 4+ nights per week of rehearsal.  And late bedtimes.  That is not something that I am sure that I can swing anymore.  Its not even something that I am sure that I want to swing anymore.  I have not done a show for more than 2 years now.  I have missed it on occasion, but mostly when I see a show and someone has a part that I think I would be better at.  I guess I am selfish like that!  So I am not sure if performing is for me anymore...

I guess I just need to keep scheduling things out and trying to time them appropriately.

Thoughts?  Insights?  Help?


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