Happy Monday, Post-Football

After an uneventful (but poor food choices) Super Bowl last night, I am back at it on Monday morning.  Not that the game itself was uneventful, just that J and I chose to do nothing special for the game.  Since it was the Super Bowl, I decided not to worry about food.  Not stuff myself, but eat whatever delicious bad for me food that I wanted.  Jason had requested chili cheese dip for tortilla chips (and I obliged but bought turkey chili and the lower fat velveeta cheese) and I kind of was feel pizza rolls.  I hadn't eaten those since before J and I moved in together. 

So there was pizza rolls, chips and cheesey dip, and beer.  An ideal completely off diet, delicious, at home night.  I enjoyed every single pizza roll that I ate.  I didn't overeat.  I didn't stuff myself.  I juat ate crap that I would normally not allow myself to get near.  And I still paid for it.  My stomach started hurting almost immediately and I just started to feel awful.  Not like I was going to be sick or anything, but enough to remind me why I don't like to eat that sort of crap all that often!  And I don't, so yesterday was ok.

But like Jes and I discussed on Saturday during our run, we were going to enjoy the Super Bowl and eat what we wanted, but then after that, it was time to get strict.  I have some softness around my middle that I am NOT a fan of at all, and I want to use working out, running, etc to work that out.  She is feeling similarly about herself right now, so we have agreed to hold each other accountable. 

I started my day on track, doing the 2 mile run that we had on the agenda for the Buckeye Running Co Training Group, followed by some lower body strength training.  I completed the following workout before heading home:
It felt good to have another leg day undr my belt because despite having sore hammies for two days last week, I still felt better and stronger for having done it!  Hopefully I will have a similar result today.  I am hoping to squeeze in a bit of yoga as well as some rolling when I get home tonight.  I am really trying to baby my body, hoping that it will hold up for the next 90 days until the marathon - and then continue to hold up after that, because I have BIG PLANS for the summer too!

I am headed to trader joe's at lunch time to get the chips that my mom requested I bring home for her this weekend, and I also need to swing by Auto Zone to get something for J that he needs (and Auto Zone is right across the street) so I might as well roll those two trips into one.  He better be pleased that I am doing that for him.  Lol. 

Have a lovely Monday!


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