On Friday at lunchtime I made a run up to GNC.  I stopped at Vitamin Shoppe as well, because I had heard a rumor.  I will address the rumor when I get to it.  But anyway.  I had a 35% off coupon at GNC that was in my reach magazine, and I wanted to actually take advantage of it.  Plus I entered the no turning back world of double digit runs this weekend.  From here on out, every single run is going to be double digits on the weekend until the week before.  So running fuel is definitely becoming more and more important now than ever before.
SoI stocked up on gu.  I know I could buy it by the case online, but th fruity ones were marked down anyway at GNC, and I have learned than non fruity flavored jellys kind of freak me out.  Gu is the "official energy gel of the Flying Pig Marathon" but it sounds like they are going to have vanilla and chocolate on the course (yuk) so I am stocking up on the kind that I like!  Strawberry banana and jet blackberry.  Tried the blackberry before saturdays run since that was the kind that I had not tried yet, and it was pretty yummy.
The above bar is the rumor I had heard about.  Quest Bars at Vitamin Shoppe.  I had seen something on facebook, and since it was pretty close to GNC, I figured it was worth a look.  I have purchased several boxes online and LOVE them, but I have been missing them lately, so I am really glad that I bought a small fix (three bars) to hold me over until I suck it up and buy more!  They only had the vanilla almond crunch bars, but I was talking to the guy, and my particular location is planning on getting 3-4 more flavors in!
J asked for a present.  He got OSTrim.  Really yummy jerky.  Its a combo of beef and ostrich.  I had heard some awesome things about it, and I figured that was much more up J's alley then some flavor of protein powder, gu, or quest bars.  He is just not the biggest fan of those things.  He ended up eating one of them for breakfast on Saturday while I was out for my long run.
This is my favoite pre-mixed protein drink.  40g of protein (as you can see) as well as 0 carbs.  Yep.  ZERO.  :-)  I had that plus my Quest Bar for breakfast after lifting.  I decided to get a full strength workout in for once instead of the half-assed stuff that I have been doing, because I am feeling so jiggly lately. 

So this morning was a full on legs workout WITH weights including squats and split squats.  I did not use as heavy of weights as I used to, but I still used them.  After lunch, I hit the pavement for a quick three miles.  That also felt really good. 


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