Final night of pasta?

As it was Fat Tuesday yesterday, I decided to let the grains thing slide a little bit, and enjoy my evening since I was planning on being without them for the whole of Lent.  So instead of going out (which was the original plan), I cooked some ravioli that we had in the freezer.  I also had half a jar of marinara from Trader Joe's that was in the fridge that I felt needed some using, so I figured two birds, etc, etc.

Actually, being home for dinner was a stray from the original plan.  Leah and I, as I wrote yesterday, were supposed to be out for a class at the gym last night.  We were (ok, secret revealing) going to go to Zumba, which is on my 101 list.  However, I got a text from Leah around 3 when she was getting ready to leave work that said that she was not feeling well, so she was going to go home and rest and text me around 4 with whether or not she was going. 

Turned out, she still felt bad, so our zumba class was postponed until next week.  Now...  I know that I could have gone on my own, but it was planned to go together.  And normally Tuesday night is "date night" so I did not want to lose multiple date nights in a row!  So I stayed in with J last night, and made plans to Zumba with Leah next week!

Along with my pasta, I decided to have a couple of the pumpkin beers to celebrate the holiday.  They were in my fridge from the fall, because they are my favorite!  As it turns out, my pumpkin enjoys pumpkin beer:

And not to worry, that bottle is empty.  She was just so interested in it.  She was licking all over the top of the bottle!

I cannot believe I forgot to post my Valentine's gift from J.  I think it was because I got so far behind in posting last week that it just happened!
That is one of our wedding pictures on canvas.  J heard about the company that made it on Howard Stern and then ordered it.  Apparently there are all kinds of different options for the picture, so he found the one that he liked and played around until he came up with that.  It looks like real paint and brushstrokes on the canvas, and I really love it.  It does not have a home in the house yet, but it will soon!


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