A Beer Tasting with a SOUR ending

I am not sure where to begin today.  Wednesday was one of the weirdest and most difficult days in my marriage so far.  And it did not become that until after 8 pm! 

Up until 8, things were going awesome.  The construction company called J and scheduled our kitchen install (next week!!), I had a rough day at work, but got over the hump thinking about the fact that the auditors only had two more days of fieldwork (and then I can get back to the tough stuff I have been slacking on!) and then I got to go home knowing that J and I had plans to go to a beer tasting at Whole Foods, and Jes and Andrew (my other running buddy) were going to be there too!  Andrew actually was running the tasting since he works at the featured brewery.

So the beer tasting was featuring the local brews of the Rivertown Brewery which is where Andrew is working right now. 

Did you know that Cincinnati is FULL of little microbrews like Rivertown?  If you are curious, because I know that I was, here is some info about that.  We have even had beer runs and all kind of good stuff.  In fact, my longest distance to date was a brewery run, the Hudephol 14K.  That race actually took us 8.68 miles with all of breweries in the old brewery districts marked with signs and all kinds of good stuff.  It was a blast.

Anyway...  Our tasting was at Whole Foods.  You could register for it, and if you were one of the first 10 people, you got a growler to take home (it was empty, but we both paid the $9 to get them filled up!).  They were having 5 beers for $5.  They also had a selection of snacks.  Some cheeses, flatbreads and other stuff.  I made a plate of meats and cheeses, just a few of each.  They had some kind of gouda, oh my gosh, it was AMAZING!

The beers were good, and J and I both got our growlers filled up.  We then hit up a burger joint for dinner.  We ended up fighting here, because I told him that I liked the fact that the company I work for helps people.  We're not a charity by any stretch of the imagination, but we offer some opportunities to folks who can not get these chances in other ways.  His response to this?  I better start working more and making more money because you won't have a job. No company (for profit company) that exists to help others makes it.  I was furious.  And so was he.  I don't know.  I don't want to talk about it any more.

I ran yesterday.
This was a lunchtime run, and my goal was negative splits for the first three miles and then just relax and cool down for the 4th.  It was raining out, but I did get to run in shorts in February!
Mile 1: 9:22
Mile 2: 8:42
Mile 3: 8:18
Mile 4: 9:26

Nice work Emily!  When I saw the pace on my second mile I was nervous that I would not be able to keep a speed faster than that.  I pleasantly surprised myself, and now I know that I can and should keep pushing!  And I will.  I ran three miles easy this morning, and we have another 10 miler tomorrow.  I am DEFINITELY doing the full 10 this time, even if I have to finish solo.


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