And Now We Return...

... to our regularly scheduled programming (that is not work)...  Emily's workouts and her life.  In case that is more interesting than my job or something.

When I got home from work the other day I had a few packages waiting for me.  The first several were birthday gifts for J's birthday week next week.  And there was also one for me!
I finally sucked it up and shelled out the money for my Road ID.  I figure with all of the long runs coming up in my future, I should haveit to be safe!  Its not expensive, so I am not sure why I hesitated.

My first double digit training run of the season is this weekend, and it will be on Sunday (instead of Saturday).  J and I will be in Toledo tomorrow, so Jes and I are running on Sunday!  Then, Brian and J are meeting us at one of our favorite places, the Brazenhead in Mason. 

I haven't been writing about my workouts, but suffice to say, they have been happening, big time.  I will do the week in review after my long run.  I think the weeks will be starting on Monday from now on!


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