And Kitchen Demo Starts... NOW!

J called me at work yesterday, saying that the construction company called him to try and schedule our new cabinets/countertops install.  He called me right away because this means that we have some work to do before that.  We needed to get out all of the tiles from the backsplash and we wanted to paint.  So I immediately got kind of excited and enthusiastic about getting it all done, and wanted to leave work right away to start!

Since I ate lunch at my desk yesterday, I decided to head out around 4:30 pm, and headed out.  I took care of the dogs and immediately started to work.  I took down pictures, switchplate covers, etc.  I started cleaning off countertops and cabinets.  I wanted it to be ready to paint.  We're going to need to empty the cabinets and stuff before the demo and install, but right now I just wanted to be able to get our part done.  After I had everything cleared away, I decided to start working.

Not sure if you can tell from that picture, but that is the first three pieces of tile from the backsplash.  I got them all down by myself.  I was afraid J might be a little mad that I started without him (and just by winging it, I had no clue what I was doing!) but he was pleased to see that I had started and especially that it was not too difficult.  He had been talking about buying a dremel and all kinds of stuff.  I kind of wanted to avoid that if at all possible.  We just used a little painters crowbar (that's basically what it looked like anyway!) and once I had the leverage to get the first pieces off, it got even easier!

So we got all of the tile down, and I got all of the tape up around the borders.  So tonight I plan on sanding where we put joint compound, and then starting to work on the edging.  Mybe when J gets home he will start working on the rolling.  Its not a huge kitchen, so it should not take too too long, and I am REALLY excited about my new cabinets and being able to completely get organized.  Right now, due to lack of storage, we have a lot of small appliance type things that are just out.  Especially since we got a lot of new things for the wedding!

Because of the disaster we created in our kitchen with the tiles, we ended up swinging through qdoba to pick up our dinner.  I had a burrito bowl with chicken, and J had a chicken burrito.  It was delicious, I will not deny that, but it was certainly not as healthy as my planned dinner of a turkey burger (no bun!) and sweet potato fries.  I guess we will just eat that tonight!

Last night I did not sleep well.  I am guessing that is because of kitchen stress.  I just tossed and turned, which caused J to do the same.  But I got up as usual at 4:30 am, so I hope that he got an hour of real sleep while I was gone. 

I went to the gym.  I had two miles on the schedule along with a back and shoulder's strength workout.  My 2 miles was supposed to be at race pace (marathon race pace) so I set the treadmill at 6.2 mph (about 9:40 miles) and kicked them out.  I would guess that is a little faster than I will maintain for 26 miles, but its a good pace to train at.  That gets me to 9 miles for the week so far.  I have 13 left to go!  Lol. 

That was my strength workout this morning.  I am pretty pleased with it.  I just need to keep up with regular training, and I should be able to maintain my strength during this process. :-)


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