2 days into my running week

Well, here I am, working at home again.  We're having more kitchen stuff done and worked on in the house again.  Although J text me and told me that I better come home.  So I left my office and came here and NO ONE IS HERE.  And then the guy who is doing the work called and said he was in Dayton trying to do something.  Grrr...  So I am a little bit stressed out about the fact that I am working from home, and I cannot do something that someone asked me to do.  Oh well.  I am working, I am getting things done, and that is really all that I can do right now.

Yesterday I ran three miles in the afternoon.  It went ok.  It was scheduled to be a nice easy run.  My pace was easy, but the run itself was not.  My legs were on fire.  Calves in particular were really burning!  Oh my goodness.  They did not feel good.  But when I came home from my run, I spent some time on my foam roller.  I really focused on my calved, hoping that I would be able to do SOMETHING to get them feeling better for today's run.

And they did.  I ended up being able to get it worked out.  I felt pretty good once I got rolling on the treadmill this morning.  We had a tempo run on the schedule this morning.  So I once again wanted to work on my speed.  I decided to run intervals on the treadmill.  I started out at 6.5 mph.  After 0.25 (a 400), I kicked it up to 7.0 for another 400, and then to a 7.5 for another 400.  I kept repeating it until I reached the prescribed 4 miles.  I ended up finishing that in less than 35 minutes, which I was VERY proud of.  That's probably the fastest 4 miles that I have ever done.

I have some rear end tightness now, and I am going to spend some additional time with my roller tonight.  I am hoping that will loosen it all up! 


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