Up All Night

Last night was date night with my husband, my marathoning partner, Jes, and her boyfriend Brian.  We went to BJs Brewhouse, which is one of our faves, and neither Brian nor Jes has been there before, even though Brian only works like a block from Tri-County, which is where it is located!  We were originally planning on going last week, but Brian ended up with his daughters at the last minute, so since he is fairly new to the dating scene, we decided not to include the kids and pushed our plans back a week. 

Jes, Brian and J all ordered the beer sampler when we got there and I just got a pint of the wheat beer.  I just cannot get into the stouts and stuff, so I figured why waste good stuff?  I should just get what I like.  The sampler included 8 taster sized beers.  But each taster was probably 6 ounces so our table had an absolute ton of glasses on it.  There were other people at the tables all around us staring over at us and kind of making faces, etc.  Hello, judgment.  Honestly, to me our table did look a little hilarious, but I am sure lots of people get the tasters.  But what is there to judge?  It's not like it was a lot of beer, it just looked like it with all of the glasses on our small table!

So we ordered our dinners.  Jes cannot eat any products from a cow, which I have always found to be interesting.  She's not a vegan because she will eat other meats or goat cheeses or whatever, so she had some fish (cooked in a bit of oil, not butter), Brian and I both got burgers with blue cheese, and J had a french dip sandwich.  All of the food and beer was good, and I think it will be a place that we repeat as couples. 

The problem ended up being my burger though.  We got home at a reasonable time and went to bed, as I planned on covering my three miles this morning for my workout.  But then I woke up at 1 am and spent a half hour in the bathroom, again at 330, at 430 my alarm went off and I reset it to 6 am (no way) and then from 530-6 in the bathroom.  Ugh.  I was starting to feel a little better, but I figured since some folks have the "runner's trots" I shouldn't combine that and my upset stomach this morning.  That definitely had the potential for bad news. 

It is 830 am now, and I am definitely feeling a bit better.  I have one cup of coffee in me, and my stomach is settling.  So now I need to get it done at lunchtime.  I am hoping that the rain lets up a bit so I can do it outside.  Its a little too chilly out for a rainy run, I think.  I really don't feel like doing it on a treadmill, but I guess I will if I need to, and as of this moment, it is looking like treadmill is the way to go. 

Have a lovely day everyone!


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