I have been waiting all week for TGIF, you have no idea.  It has been a LONG one...
Yesterday's lunch.  1 cup spinach topped with 3 oz grilled chicken (measured!), 1 slice sprouted whole grain bread topped with one tbsp natural peanut butter.  Delicious and good for me! 

Like I said yesterday, it was a stressful and busy day at work.  I was trying hard to make a lot of progress on a lot of different things, so I kept very busy for the whole day, which was good, and helped me to feel better about a few things, even though there were things that I couldn't figure out.  It just felt good to be busy. 

We did however get some rough news.  We had a relative killed in a car accident yesterday.  You can read the article here.  It is such a scary thing.  This is the 16 year old son of J's cousin. 

But its crazy and difficult to discuss, so I am going to move on.

We had dinner plans last night with our friends Brett and Lorie (something to cross off my101 list) at a restuarant called Cactus Pear.  Its a Mexican/Southwest style restaurant with great food.  I was there only once, for lunch, with my boss several months ago.  J had never been there before.  We got waters while we waited for Brett and Lorie to arrive, as we were discussing a pitcher of margaritas (significant cost savings over 4 individual ones!).  When they got there, that is exactly what we went with.  We were very much into chatting and catching up with each other, and ended up there pretty late!  Almost 3 hours together. 

The food was delicious.  J and Brett both enjoyed shrimp fajitas.  I had a chicken burrito and Lorie got chicken enchiladas.  The burrito was awesome because it consisted of black beans, a TON of chicken, a very small amount of cheese, and a wheat tortilla.  I am sure it was not exactly healthy (mexican food almost never is), but it certainly was not a terrible choice, expecially with no rice and so little cheese!  It was also delicious. 

This morning, I got up early when the alarm went off and headed out to the gym.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by this strength routine:
Happy Friday everyone!


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