Sunday batch cooking

Today was a cooking day for me.  I wanted to have everything ready to go for the entire week.  So I made my lunches for the week, as well as some snacks and stuff for both J and I for the week.  I have really spent too often cooking for a big chunk of the day, and really it was nice, so I am glad that I did it. 

My plan for the week's lunches is chicken, brown rice, and veggies.  I cooked the chicken and rice today and I plan on heating up the veggies at work when I reheat the chicken.  Making the rice also allowed me to bust out my rice cooker that we received as a wedding gift.  I had not used it before, so I was excited to give it a whirl.  It went well, and I am glad to have it.  We will be using it more, I think.  For certain.

After the chicken and rice came Jamie Eason's cinnamon swirl protein bread.  J and I both had a piece of it.  It was pretty delicious and I look forward to the occasional snack of it this week.  I then made kale chips, and some roasted chickpeas.  They are all going to be yummy snacks for the week.  It took less time to do all of that than I expected, so I was pleased, and I guess I will need to continue to do things like this on Sundays. 

In a few hours, I am heading out from here to go to Loveland and hang out with my friend Carol.  It should be a fun evening!


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