A SLOW start, but there now!

This morning started out slowly...  Really slowly, at least it felt like it.  But first, let's back up to last night.

I actually planned our at home meals last night for the first time since before Thanksgiving, so I am feeling pretty good about that.  It is not a "great" week or anything, because I am just doing simple meals that I know how to make.  But this is my start.  Next week I think I will work a little bit harder to try making something new, but this was my first attempt to get back on track!

So last night's dinner was lasagna.  I used whole wheat pasta and lean beef.  I would like to make some tweaks to it and try to make it even healthier, but last night J said it was the best lasagna I have ever made (I am consistently improving, since he said that last time!) so I am not sure that I can do too much modifcation of it.  But we'll see I guess.

So we had lasagna, salad, and some bread.  I bought a bagette from the grocery just for this purpose, which is why I had to make lasagna last night.  The bread was fresh, so we had to get it eaten!  It was yummy.  J had his with butter and I dunked mine in some EVOO.  Yum yum.  I also cracked open a bottle of red wine.  Cab.  My favorite!  It was an inexpensive bottle that I bought in Toledo once.  It cost $10, and then $2 of the cost went to the Toledo charity organization on the bottle.  They had ones for the Zoo, Library, Opera, etc.  This particular bottle was for the Toledo Symphony.  It was pretty good for $10!  And J liked it, which is a big deal since he is normally afraid of red wine.  So I love that, since I often don't have a glass since I know I will be on my own for the whole bottle!

After dinner we went up to bed for some football & reading.  J is in the middle of the Hunger Games.  I am glad he finally gave it a chance because I loved it so much!  Yes, it might take a little while to get into it, but once you do... and he is finally there.  Finally to the point where he really is struggling to stop reading to go to sleep.  I am reading the book for the book club that I decided to join online.  I will review it here for sure once I finish it.  I started writing the review last night, and I will continue to do that as I keep reading it, because sometimes my reading comprehension is not so good.  So I need to be on top of it. 

We watched the first half of the BCS Championship, and flipped between that and the Bearcats game (which they won!)

When my alarm went off this morning, I got out of bed and checked with J to see if he wanted to come with me to the gym.  When he said no, I put my knee sleeves on (I bought them yesterday!) and then my running tights and headed outside for my three mile training run.  The knee hurt a bit at first, but after it loosened up, it felt a LOT better.  I think that the biggest problem with it is that it is tight. 

I finished the 3 miles in 29:31.  Slow for me, yes, but I am glad that I got through them all.  That makes me feel good.  I have to put the sleeves on before I head into work (I am working at home right now because the furnace guy is here) but for right now, I am feeling pretty good!


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