Sam's Club (and Trader Joe's) Rocks

So after getting a lot of work done in the house, getting everything cleaned up and put away after the holiday, I cooked dinner for J and I.  We had planned on having a family dinner even though we haven't spent any time together pretty much all day.  J has spent the day in the basement watching football and working, and I have been in the living room working on my Christmas project.  But I was in charge of dinner.  I was looking forward to the fact that we were having dinner at home today, because I feel like we have been eating out so frequently.

So I started out with some ravioli that J and I purchased at Sam's Club the other day when we stopped there.
Yum.  Definitely a great purchase and we will be buying again.  I wish it had more chicken, so next time I think I will cook some chicken to go with it, but it was yummy. 

I topped it with a recent trader joe's purchase.
Not a great photograph, but these things happen when you are using your phone.  This particular marinara is my favorite and I think it will be my regular purchase.  Not terribly expensive either, and that is my favorite thing about trader joe's.  You can get really great quality products for not too much all the time!

We each had a glass of wine to drink as well. 
This is the Pinot Noir that J picked out the other day when we were at the party store stocking up on our champagne for last night.  J has recently decided that he likes this particular red varietal, and I will take what I can get since I am really not a white fan. 

We had a nice dinner on the couch, and started planning our day for tomorrow.  There will be gym time, work for J, blogging for me, laundry folding, and unfortunately getting ready to go back to work on Tuesday.  We have been off for a long time, and it is hard to believe that tomorrow will be our last day of vacation.

Can't wait to hit the gym in the morning!


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